Due to the civil war in Cambodia which finished in 1998, Cambodia has been struggling to rebuild into a modern-day country. We have many good roads, schools, hospitals, markets, beautiful hotels, guest houses, and clean restaurants now. Cambodia is known to the world as having a lot of temples, such as Angkor Wat which is a world heritage temple. Transportation is vital to the daily necessities of people to move from one place to the other.

Our transportation services move person or parcel from province to province all over Cambodia.  We are pleased to professionally serve your transfer and transportation needs.


Government Guidelines

To enhance your experience and to preserve Angkor for generations to come, we kindly urge you to observe the following important information.
- Dress code:
Revealing clothes such as short, skirts above the knees, and showings bare shoulders are prohibited in sacred places. Respectful dress is strongly encouraged in Angkor
Touching carvings, leaning on, making graffiti, or taking archaeological artifacts are strictly prohibited. Umbrellas with sharp tips, tripods, also wearing backpacks, or high heels are discouraged from being brought into or worn inside the temples.
- Sacred site:
As Angkor is a sacred site, be mindful of loud conversations and noise, or any other inappropriate behavior in Cambodian culture is considered to be offensive and may disturb other visitors. Pease keep clam and be respectful.
Restricted area :
For your safety and the conservation of Angkor. Please comply with all signs on the sites and be mindful of your steps at all times. Do not climb on loose stones.
- Smoking and littering:
As a member of the World Health Organization, Angkor has been a smoke free site since 2012. Smoking cigarettes disturbs others and cigarettes can start bush fires. To protect the environment, please do not smoke or litter.
- Candy or money to children:
Buying items, giving candy or money to children encourages them not to attend school but to beg. If you wish to help the children, please consider donating to a recognized charity.
- Monks:
Monks are revered and respected, if you want to take pictures. Women should not touch, stand or sit too close to the monks.

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Government Requirements For Visiting Temple Sites

Please read & understand the following information
Angkor was the capital of the Khmer Empire (9th to 15th centuries) and once the largest city in the world (12th century). Today, Angkor is still an active spiritual site for Buddhists and citizens who engage in daily worship, prayer and meditation. Angkor is also a living site where over 130,000 inhabitants have lived for many generations .

The APSARA National Authority has been responsible for the conservation and sustainable development of Angkor since 1995. One of our goals is to harmonize tourist experience with public safety and respect toward our community. This official Visitor Code of Conduct was designed to support this goal. It was developed in cooperation with local communities, visits, tour guides and restoration team.


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